Languge learning and technology journal computer assiteded language learning journal education ($400) (150$)

ASEAN Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (peer-reviewed; research, reviews; PDF)
The Asian EFL Journal (peer-reviewed issue quarterly; research, reflections, reviews; PDF)
CALL-EJ – Computer Assisted Language Learning Electronic Journal (peer-reviewed; research, opinion, reviews; HTML)
Current Issues in Comparative Education (peer-reviewed; essays, opinions, research; HTML and PDF)
e-FLT – Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching (peer-reviewed; research, essays, reviews; HTML and PDF)
ELTED – English Language Teacher Education and Development (peer-reviewed; research, reflections, essays, reviews; PDF
English Language Teaching (peer-reviewed; research, essays; PDF)
GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies (peer-reviewed; research, essays; English & Malay; PDF)
IJES – International Journal of English Studies (peer-reviewed; research, essays; PDF
OJS provides an English-language interface (the papers are in mostly or entirely in English)
International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching (peer-reviewed; research, essays, techniques; PDF; free registration required)
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (peer-reviewed; research, techniques; PDF)
ITESLJ – Internet TESL Journal (less formal; research, essays, lesson plans; mostly HTML)
Issues in Applied Linguistics (peer-reviewed; research, reviews; PDF)
The JALT CALL Journal (peer-reviewed; research, essays, reviews; PDF)
It appears to be structured so that the entire archive starting with the past issue is available to non-subscribers.
JEO – The Journal of Educators Online (peer-reviewed; research, essays; PDF)
Journal of English as an International Language (peer-reviewed; research, reviews; PDF)
JLTR – Journal of Language Teaching and Research (peer-reviewed; research, essays, ; PDF)
JOLT – Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (peer-reviewed; research, essays; HTML and PDF)
JTLA – The Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment (peer-reviewed; research; PDF)
Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (peer-reviewed; research, essays, reflections, reviews; PDF)
L2 Journal (peer-reviewed; research; PDF; free membership required)
Language Learning and Technology (peer-reviewed; research, opinions, reviews; PDF)
The Language Teacher (peer-reviewed; research, essays, opinions, reviews; PDF)
Only some of TLT is available to non-members; however, what is available is valuable, so it has been included
The Linguistics Journal (peer-reviewed; research, reviews; Shockwave/Flash and PDF)
The Open Applied Linguistics Journal (peer-reviewed; research, reviews; PDF)
Reading in a Foreign Language (peer-reviewed; research, essays, reviews; PDF)
The Reading Matrix (peer-reviewed; research, essays, reviews; PDF)
SiSAL Journal – Studies in Self-Access Learning (peer-reviewed: research, reflections, reviews, opinions, conference reports; HTML and PDF)
TESL-EJ: Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (peer-reviewed; research, techniques, essays, reviews; HTML and PDF)
In addition, the Education Research Global Observatory hosts a “Directory of Open Access Journals in the Field of Education”, featuring a huge, international list of scholarly, peer-reviewed, free journals. There is a different, multidiscipline Directory of Open Access Journals with Education, Languages and Literatures, and Linguistics sections.

The Social Science Research Network is an interesting way to look at new and emerging research; it shares works in progress, but these papers have not been peer-reviewed, and may be revised or removed at any time. There is no education or applied linguistics section, so using the search function is the best way to find relevant work.